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Yoga Nidra III
& Yoga Therapy I

Sedona, Arizona

YNIII: Feb 3 - 6, 2024
YTI: Feb 8-11, 2024

You may enroll in these programs together as a bundle (10% discount), or separately.

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Transformational Programs





Non-Sleep Deep Relaxation


Immersion, Foundation, Advanced & Specialty Certifications

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Learn Yoga Body Psychology

Immersion, Foundation & Advanced Certifications

Ancient Teachings, Modern Psychology

The ancient teachings of the East systematically lay out a process by which we can recognize and develop the Self --- to understand how we unwittingly obstruct ourselves from our own greatest potentials. Then, combining mindfulness-based techniques with modern psychology, powerfully address these challenges as they manifest in our personal and professional lives. 


What People Say

"The most extraordinary teacher I've ever had."

—  Rebecca, Musician

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