Bridge the Gap Between Yoga and Psychology 

I AM Yoga Therapy™ is a total body stretch and energy opener. It uses wall, prop and assisted poses to help you move into areas of constriction, tightness and pain that you normally avoid. Unresolved mental and emotional tensions keep physical tightness intact and allow the body to continue to create misalignments and prevent optimal healing. I AM Yoga Therapy is designed to address both visible symptoms and invisible mental and emotional aspects.

The Integrative Amrit Method of Body Psychology

We approach the body as the product of both our internal environment (our thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs) as well as our external environment (injuries, exercise, sitting, sleeping, standing, walking habits, food). The two together create the body we see. Most styles of Yoga Therapy work with physical symptoms to help them go away. In the Integrative Amrit Method, we address the underlying invisible issues that are contributing to or exacerbating the visible symptoms. By using the visible symptoms as a roadmap to the invisible cause we can help resolve the issue at the root and symptom level.


Much of the pain and discomfort we experience is because of these structural misalignments that could be addressed by a simple regime of moving and stretching the body through its full range of motion. By holding the body in various positions for longer periods of time, combined with breath and meditative facilitation, we can move into these areas and gently and effectively release them.

Relieve Stress on Joints

Improve Range of Motion



Reduce pain, inflammation & stiffness

Calm the mind & release mental and emotional tensions



100 & 800 hour trainings

The Integrative Amrit Method of Body Psychology Training

100 Hour Training

For those who want to learn and experience Yoga Therapy, the 100 hour training is a good choice. Whether you want to be certified or not, this is a great way to more intensely move into the body and listen to what it has to reveal to you. The body knows more than we realize, only the mind usually dominates the body’s wisdom. This is training is an opportunity for the mind to step back and the body to speak.

In this training your training will be directed by C-IAYT certified East/West trained yoga therapists into the wisdom of the body and the language of energy. 

This training directly addresses how energy blocks are created through incomplete experiences and how these can become densified at subtle or gross levels. Yoga Therapy students understand how incompletions at any level can be addressed as the stagnated movement of energy through the body. Whether a condition is showing up at the subtle mental/emotional level or at the gross body level, students learn simple facilitation techniques to give it space to move and integrate itself.

You will learn how to use facilitation techniques in coordination with gravity or wall supported poses that enhance awareness of these blocks and encourage the release of blocks in body zones such as legs, buttocks, hamstrings, heart and shoulders.

Students also learn how to lead a Yoga therapy class and practice doing so with partners.  Mid-training students give sessions to practice what has been learned. By the end of the training students will  be able to successfully complete a full yoga therapy session including: intake, assessment, customized yoga therapy session, integration and debrief for an individuals’ specific needs.

This training can be used as a powerful tool for your own personal and professional journey.

Hours in this training count as hours towards module 2 in the Amrit Yoga Institute's 800hour IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Training to become an I AM Yoga Therapist. Training hours can vary by location. Hours are eligible for transfer credit into the 800 hour program. Additionally required hours, assignments and content will need to be completed upon enrollment in this program. 

800 Hour I AM Yoga Therapy Training


This program is made up of 10 modules--each of which develop a Yoga Therapists' skills in different ways. The 100 hour Yoga Therapy module serves as the hub of the wheel with modules such as Yoga Nidra, Advanced Yoga Nidra and Advanced Yoga deepening skill sets in both group and individualized settings. Later modules put together all the information learned with specialized instruction in anatomy, assessment and other foundational concepts to prepare the yoga therapist. Upon registering for this professional training, you will have an opportunity to plan your 2-4-year program with our Assistant Program Director. This will help you decide what Modules you will take in what order to fit your goals.​ For programs taken 2013 or later, you may be eligible for transfer credits. For detailed information on this program click here.

Prerequisite: Any 200 hour RYS Yoga Teacher Training*

Module 1 I AM Yoga Nidra™ Professional Training

Module 2 I AM Yoga Therapy™ Body Psychology Training

Module 3 Integral Breath Therapy Training

Module 4 I AM Yoga Nidra™ Advanced Training

Module 5 I AM Yoga™ Advanced Training: Meditation in Motion

Module 6 Anatomy & Physiology, Applied Anatomy, Applied Psychology

Module 7 Principles of Ayurveda

Module 8 General Assessment

Module 9 Putting It All Together

Module 10 Practicum

  *If you took a 200-hour yoga training in a tradition other than Amrit Yoga you are required to register for and successfully complete the online course “The Posture of Consciousness Intensive”. Teachers must have one year teaching experience, and one year of personal practice which may occur concurrently.

100 hour Training

You will learn:

  • How to use a variety of prop and partner-assisted yoga postures to intensify energy flow and encounter holding patterns

  • Facilitation Techniques to listen to the intuitive energy body and gently release physical and emotional blocks

  • Understanding and exploration of the anatomy and physiology of energy

  • Four chakra based made-for-you sequences

  • Basic Protocols for dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, low back pain and tight neck and shoulders

  • Building Blocks to create a yoga therapy experience tailored to specific needs, whether physical, mental or emotional

  • How to lead a yoga therapy class or one-on-one session from intake to completion

  • How to healthfully integrate and release emotions for yourself and others

  • Re-program mental and emotional patterns that produce dis-ease

  • Improve posture and range of motion

  • Reduce chronic pain and tension

  • Help restore of body function after injury or surgery

  • Increase energy, mental clarity, emotional balance and assistance to transform unhealthy thinking patterns


“This program opened me up, cleared out the fear, and replaced it with love and compassion. I will never look at therapy the same way again.” 

-John R.

This training is appropriate for counselors, mental health professionals, yoga teachers, bodyworkers, health professionals and alternative healers. Experience with yoga or some form of bodywork is recommended. For those who are new to body-centered practices, or who have physical limitations, be aware that not all practices and techniques may be easily accessible to you but that there will still be plenty for you to take away from the training. We will work with you to assist you.

The Amrit Yoga Institute is a member school of IAYT.

Call for details at : 352-685-3001 or admissions@amrityoga.org

I AM Yoga Therapy™ Certification
at the Amrit Yoga Institute - Salt Springs, FL

Yoga Therapy Workshops

Bridge the Gap Between Yoga and Psychology 

Do you have areas of chronic tension, pain or tightness? Do you sit a lot and not move around? Are you experiencing emotional stress, transition or pressure at home or work?


A Yoga therapy workshop is a great way to release those tensions from the inside out. The body houses tensions and tightness based on the way we sit, stand, think and feel. By gently and consciously opening the body we can return to our rightful state of freedom, ease and balance. Yoga therapy is accessible to anyone – even beginners-regardless of experience. It gently allows you to move into target areas at your own pace. Come spend a weekend being good to your body and soul.


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