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Radically Loved Podcast, June 6, 2020


In today's world, we are continuously working and tiring ourselves out to feel accomplished. This culture of overdoing has been hurting us for years. You have to remember that constantly driving yourself into the ground will eventually lead to burnout and disorientation. You will not have the time to process your emotions or restore your energy. As a result, you will develop stress, depression, and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

In this episode, Dr. Kamini Desai shares with us the benefits of Yoga Nidra and the science behind it. She also discusses how it can uncover unconscious emotions affecting our behavior and mindset. Kamini also talks about how Yoga Nidra can help us deal with the uncertainties we feel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’re curious about Yoga Nidra and the power it can bring to your life, then listen to the full episode!


  1. Discover how Yoga Nidra can help you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  2. Learn the scientific dynamics of Yoga Nidra and how it can help you process your emotions.

  3. What makes Kamini feel radically loved? Find out toward the end of the episode.    

The Journey Towards Self-Love and Empowerment - Kamini Desai

From Women Seekers and Leaders Podcast through Yoga International

“The Journey Towards Self-Love and Empowerment”

Balance your Masculine and Feminine Power - Kamini Desai

Kamini's podcast interview from the 2015 Divine Feminine Yoga Telesummit: Birthing Ourselves Into Light

“Balance your Masculine and Feminine Power: Transforming Dark and Light in Relationship”

Yoga tells us that by balancing the primal inner energies of ida and pingala (also known as yin and yang, or inner masculine and feminine), we can create wholeness. In this talk, find out how conflict in relationships is created due to the imbalance of ida and pingala, and discover your own personal ida/pingala strategy to support you in relating to others. Kamini will also share how you can actually use the principles of yoga to balance these energies, helping you begin to act from a place of greater inner harmony and balance of masculine and feminine power.

Session Host: Laura Cornell

Darren Main's Inquire Within Podcast:
Life Lessons, Love Lessons with Kamini Desai


Kamini talks about growing up in an ashram, in the shadow of her famous yogi father as well as the life and love lessons she experienced beyond those years.  In recounting some of her lessons learned, she talks about opening our hearts to all experiences, painful and blissful, through unconditional love.  By working from within, we develop our capacity to bring peace and love to others.

Kamini Desai on yoga nidra meditation from
Bold Tranquility: The Well-Rested Woman


Kamini brings a western sensibility to eastern teachings, like yoga nidra, a sleep-based meditation practice that yogis have been doing for centuries.  Maybe it’s her degrees in Anthropology and Psychology combined with being the daughter of renowned yogi, Yogi Amrit Desai, and that her work is seeped in the mystery of yoga nidra and practical applications like, how we can really understand and honor these

ancient teachings, but also incorporate them simply into our modern busy lives.  Kamini has taught yoga nidra meditation all over the world and is currently the Director and Lead Teacher of the Amrit Method of Yoga Teacher Trainings and the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra professional training. She works with corporations like Sony to bring teachings like yoga nidra into people’s lives. On today’s conversation she goes deep on what yoga nidra meditation is and why it’s so beneficial for busy women.

The Oneness Podcast – Talking about Oneness Part 2 – Episode 23 – Fun With The One

This episode is part 2 of the interview with our special guest Kamini Desai. In this episode Kamini talks about importance of changing foundational beliefs and knowing who you really are, finding balance in life, making space for the soul and finding peace, and what the true meaning of yoga is.


High Vibe Podcasts - The Goddess Spot

with Kamini Desai

Kamini Desai the goddess of Yoga Nidra joins Anne & MC Sweet to discuss the mystique of this practice.

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