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Teaching Philosophy

Ancient Teachings, Modern Psychology

Have you ever noticed that when you feel fulfilled, everything the world has to offer is fulfilling?


My teaching is based on recognizing our essential wholeness as the foundation of a fulfilling and rewarding experience of life. It is about creating a life that is lived from the inside out.

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Most of us have the tendency to seek happiness from the outside in. We try to secure externals—such as a relationship, a promotion, or a new car—to create an internal sense of happiness. But this is an uncertain strategy. People, places and situations change. Whatever comes, comes to go. If we are dependent on these things for our sense of identity, we will easily lose our balance when change inevitably comes. Developing and strengthening the Self that is independent of what comes and goes in our lives is the key to maintaining stability, balance and peace in the midst of the changing tides of life.

The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

-Anais Nin

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We Are Here To Be An Expression of Source - Kamini Desai at Sedona Yoga Festival
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The ancient teachings of the East systematically lay out a process by which we can recognize and develop the Self. The first step is to understand how we unwittingly obstruct ourselves from our own greatest potentials. Then, combining mindfulness-based techniques with modern psychology, we learn how to powerfully address these challenges as they manifest in our personal and professional lives. Using real time examples, exercises and instruction, this combination of tools leads not only to a rational understanding of the topic, but to an experiential and energetic shift that changes the fabric and structure from which we live our lives.

Live from the inside out.

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