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Yoga Nidra IV (YO 404)
(through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts)

September 20-22, 2019

Spirit of Yoga – Southwest Institute of Healing Art’s new, dedicated Yoga Teacher Training facility


Yoga Nidra Introductory Weekend Intensive IV (YO 404)
This theoretical and experiential foundation class is designed to introduce you to yoga nidra as a little known limb of the yogic arts. Literally translated as “yogic sleep,” yoga nidra enables practitioners to reach profoundly deep states of consciousness through a powerful series of interchangeable techniques performed lying down.

In this course we will survey some of the most powerful applications of yoga nidra in the realm of stress, health, habits and addictions, pain management and depression. You will learn about the lastest research on relaxation training in these areas as well as learn how to create customized yoga nidra sessions for these populations.

NOTE: YO 401-404 can be taken along with two other courses (plus practicum) for certification as a yoga nidra facilitator.

Location: Spirit of Yoga • 1420 E. Southern Ave. • Tempe, Arizona 85282
Time: F 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm; Sa Su 9:00 am - 6:00 pm;
Tuition: $360
Contact: call 480-567-0695 1-480-994-9244 or 888-504-9106

Kamini Desai, Ph.D.
is the Education Director of the Amrit Yoga Institute. Over the past 25 years Kamini, author of Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep has created an exciting and unique body of teachings incorporating western psychology and eastern philosophy. Considered an expert in the science of yoga nidra, yoga therapy, relaxation, and artful living, her practical and accessible teaching style has been welcomed throughout the United States and in over 10 countries around the world. For more information:,

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