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Yoga Nidra Immersion with Certification Option

with Kamini Desai 

May 4-10 (Immersion) and May 14-20 (Certification), 2020
9am-1pm each day

Course Overview: Everything You Need to Know

Course Overview: Everything You Need to Know
What is Yoga Nidra?
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What is Yoga Nidra?

The I AM Method and Lineage of Yoga Nidra-How We Differ.
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The I AM Method and Lineage of Yoga Nidra-How We Differ.

I AM Yoga Nidra: Journey Through the Chakras led by Kamini Desai - NSDR (Non-Sleep Deep Rest)
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I AM Yoga Nidra: Journey Through the Chakras led by Kamini Desai - NSDR (Non-Sleep Deep Rest)

Why Intentions Don't Work Without This Technique
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Why Intentions Don't Work Without This Technique

The art of sleeping meditation that awakens your true nature...

Become the Master of Your Life

Why Yoga Nidra?


Yoga Nidra is a Therapeutic Yoga technique that initiates shifts in conscious sleep states where change happens outside of our doing. 


It is a profound state of mindfulness meditation: combining breath, body and awareness techniques to take you into deeper brainwave states than traditional mindfulness meditation. 


In this highly regenerative meditative state you can restore and rejuvenate your body, heal and recover from illness and re-wire your brain for greater mental and emotional balance and resilience. 


It changes your reaction patterns and helps you to 'let go'.


It is a sleep based meditation technique and a practice of awareness at the deepest level of relaxation.


It brings you in a state of  ‘ZERO STRESS ZONE”.


It utilizes ancient meditation techniques and it unlocks your self-destructive habits and

behavior patterns such as:

•   stress

•   habits & addictions 

•   trauma/PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) 

•   insomnia

•   depression and anxiety

Is this related to Mindfulness?

Yes, Yoga Nidra is Mindful Sleep. It is made up of  a series of Mindfulness techniques including breath, body and awareness techniques that allow the individual to naturally alpha, theta and delta brainwave states with no effort or struggle. While typical Mindfulness practices use one technique at a time to bring an individual to the alpha brainwave state, Yoga Nidra uses a series of Mindfulness techniques specifically structured to take the practitioner past the typical alpha brainwave state and into theta and even delta brainwave states. Here the  body can profoundly restore its reserves and the mind can regain its undisturbed calmness.

Typical Mindfulness practices often involve some form of effort to enter a space of neutral awareness. In Yoga Nidra,  rather than efforting to be Mindful,  Mindfulness naturally arises. The less you do, the more it happens. You cannot do it wrong. Most people say they go into a much deeper meditation and restoration state with Yoga Nidra than with other meditation and Mindfulness techniques. Yoga Nidra is as old as Yoga. Hidden within this ancient form of Mindful sleep are the secrets to restoring your health, your energy, your vitality, peace of mind and connection to the spark of spirit within you.

Does Yoga Nidra Help Depression and Anxiety?

Yes. Yoga Nidra as a form of meditation has been shown to be one of the most effective techniques for addressing the root cause of depression and anxiety. Depression is often associated with a change in sleep pattern. And in fact 97 percent of individuals reported seeing a relationship between their depression and changes in their sleep. One such change that has been noted is that prior to a depressive episode an individual will enter directly into REM (dream) sleep, circumventing the usual deep theta and delta brainwave states that usually precede the dream state. It has been postulated that this may be preventing the discharge of negative emotions over time. Yoga Nidra can help re-set the sleep cycle and help you gently and naturally discharge unresolved emotions over time. In addition, long term stress and the extended presence of cortisol in the system causes brain changes associated with both depression and anxiety. In Yoga Nidra Cortisol is removed from the system, and we see the natural release of serotonin, GABA, oxytocin  and a host of other substances that aid in mood regulation and keep the nervous system calm.

Course Options

A unique meditation training that  can be taken in two parts. Immersion & Certification

Entire Training €1135 (was €1335) Includes all materials and Yoga Nidra Cards*

Immersion Only €599 (was €699) includes manual

Immersion hours count towards certification and must be completed before the certification course. 

*Materials sent by mail

Online Program Overview and Schedule

Yoga Nidra Immersion: May 4-10, 2020

9am-1pm (13h) each day

Yoga Nidra meditation has the power to take you to the innermost, deepest levels of relaxation where your whole body and being is restored to its natural state of health, vitality and peace. This course of study will help you restore your health, release the effects of chronic excess tension, and regain restorative sleep. Take a break from the demands of life that have kept you running, without time to rest and rejuvenate!


Yoga Nidra Immersion:

  • Induces deeper more restful sleep. Profoundly heals and restore the body’s reserves.

  • Cultivates greater resilience to stress

  • Leaves you feeling energized, detoxified and rejuvenated. Looking younger and more radiant.

  • Enhances concentration and focus

  • Accelerates the healing process, and much, much more…


Participation in this unique in-depth yoga nidra immersion leaves you with rich insight into your own life and how the ancient wisdom of yoga can help you move through challenges, blocks, and transitions. Understand how thoughts are constantly affecting your health and how the power of intention can help you maximize your healing potential. Learn how to restore the body’s energy reserves, and create a different relationship with the stress-producing mind. After eleven sessions of yoga nidra, you will feel what science has shown. Measurable changes will have taken place in key areas of the brain that allow you to remain calm, centered and steady.

Kamini Desai, Ph.D.
is the Education Director of the Amrit Yoga Institute. Over the past 25 years Kamini, author of Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep has created an exciting and unique body of teachings incorporating western psychology and eastern philosophy. Considered an expert in the science of yoga nidra, yoga therapy, relaxation, and artful living, her practical and accessible teaching style has been welcomed throughout the United States and in over 10 countries around the world. For more information:,

Yoga Nidra Certification:
May 14-20, 2020

9am-1pm (13h) each day
Pre-requisite: Yoga Nidra Immersion

Yoga Nidra Certification is a continuation of the Yoga Nidra Immersion. This course of study deepens and enhances your understanding of the scientific basis of yoga nidra. We will look into research verifying its benefits and the changes happening in the brain while in yoga nidra. Combining science and the ancient wisdom of yoga, you will understand how to apply yoga nidra to conditions such as:

  • Stress

  • Habits and Addictions

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia

This course of advanced study will give you the skills to guide others in yoga nidra, but is also appropriate for your own transformation. You will receive your own unique yoga nidra card deck system which will allow you to easily create your own yoga nidra experiences.

This training is an excellent addition for psychologists, mindfulness practitioners, bodyworkers, yoga teachers, health, helping professionals, hypnotherapists and energy healers looking for new tools to serve their clients.

Contact Form

Interested in the program?
Send us a message.

Svaha Yoga Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Full Certification: May 4-10 & May 14-20, 2020, 1135 Euros including Manuals & Yoga Nidra cards

Immersion only: May 7-10 599 Euros includes manual

To Register:


  • Once you register, you will receive a link to foundational videos to view before the course begins.

  • All other sessions will be run live by Kamini Desai using password secure zoom link.

  • Sessions will be recorded and will be available for 30 days after the last day of the training. 

Note: Materials will be sent to you by mail. If you know you'd like to participate, please register as soon as possible so that we can get your materials to you in time. 

+31 6 50 888 886 |


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