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January 9, 2020

Most of us have an internal “To Do” list. We tell ourselves when we have enough money, when we lose the 10 pounds, when the kids are squared away, when the big project is done, then we will relax.

The “when” strategy for happiness depends on time. We tell ourselves one day we will arrive at relaxation for good, but the truth is, after a short respite, our internal to do list spontaneously re-populates and we find ourselves off to the races again, running and running, but never seeming to arrive for very long.

Think of your favorite food.  Where is the only place you can actually enjoy it?  NOW.  We can work in the sphere of time, but the only place we will ever get the fulfillment and enjoyment is by showing up in the moment...

February 26, 2018

Ancient Yogis tell us that the source of health lies in the balance between tension and relaxation. Modern science calls this imbalance stress. Most of us live at chronic high levels of excess tension in the body which eventually causes it to burn out. Day after day, week after week, we don’t even know that we are overtaxing the nervous system. Finally, after the body has depleted its reserves, we are left in an exhausted physical, mental and emotional state that cannot accept the slightest demand. This we call burnout. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 85 percent of doctor’s visits are stress related. Burnout is at epidemic proportions. According to the Huffington Post, burnout costs more than cancer, smoking, diabe...

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